Muovivyöry (“Plastic Avalanche”)

An installation built from 11 000 kg of plastic waste. A huge pile of trash was constructed on the Narinkka Square in Kamppi, and it formed a plastic wall 4.5 meters high and 10 meters wide. The piece was displayed for a whole week and it acted as a commentary on the impact consumerism, the use of plastic packaging and the resulting plastic waste have on the environment. An exhibition called Omakuva (“Self Portrait”) was displayed in conjunction with the piece. The “Omakuva” exhibition was the result of a workshop executed with about 500 youths from Snellman’s elementary school, Sininen verstas and Annan talo. Anyone was allowed and encouraged to form their own self portrait from the available waste with the help of the artist and leave it behind as part of the piece. When the piece was dismantled, the pieces of plastic were donated to people willing to take them and the rest were taken to the city dump.

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